Want something that's even hotter than the Porsche Cayman GTS? We might just get it. Porsche maybe, possibly accidentally confirmed the existence of the mythical Cayman GT4. It's like a magical German mid-engined unicorn!


Porsche fansite FlatSixes.com noticed that for a brief period, Porsche's Driving Experiences school website had a listing for a Cayman GT4, right above the Cayman GTS and below the 911 Coupe S. It has since been taken down, probably after everyone figured it out.

But what could this mean? Is there really a GT4 coming, or was this just a mistake on the part of some website administrator? We've heard a Cayman GT4 may be in development as a track-optimized model with the PDK from the 911 GT3 and an aggressive aero kit. If any car could upend the 911, it's that.

Maybe Porsche has a surprise for us at next month's LA Auto Show. I love the Cayman, so I hope so.

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