Porsche Cayman Mule Spotted With Shooting Brake Shape

If you share our love of shooting brakes, hold onto your hats as amateur shooters have captured what looks to be a Porsche Cayman shooting brake mule. At least that's what we hope it is.

A snippet of footage taken of the car was sent in to TopGear.com where they've posted it and, like us, are salivating over the prospect. It shows a surprisingly developed mule vehicle in all black and one of the most surprisingly awesome shapes we've seen in some time. The TG boys are speculating it may just be big cover offering better access to a rumored turbo mill under development. This would be great for Porsche fans, but we're praying there's more. Porsche, just when we thought you couldn't do anything worse than the Panamera, you go out and do something like this... and totally redeem yourself — we hope. [TopGear.com]


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