Porsche 928: A Hydrofoil For The Road

The Porsche 928, with its big 5-liter V8 up front, belongs to the class of grand touring cars which handle like hydrofoil powerboats.


At slow speeds, they are hefty, unwieldy bastards which heavily task your musculature to operate their controls. Find a bit of a straight though, or a road with long, flowing curves, get up to around 80–100 MPH and like hydrofoils, they suddenly find themselves in their element. Becoming agile, powerful tourers happy to take you across continents in speed and style.

The above example, pristine like none of its kind I’d ever seen, was thundering through Central London, hunting for that elusive piece of road to stretch its legs on.

What its driver thus did not need was a gym membership.

Photo Credit: byrdiegyrl/Flickr (hydrofoil boat) and the author

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