While all eyes have been on the Porsche Macan here at the LA Auto Show, Porsche also showed the 911 Turbo Cabrio. Attention orthodontists: Take off your toupee before driving to work.


We all knew that the 520 horsepower 911 Turbo and 560 horsepower Turbo S Cabriolet would be really freaking fast, but 195 MPH and 197 MPH (Turbo S) and 3.0 seconds to 60? That's a lot of fast. Yes, that speed comes along with a PDK gearbox only, no third pedal.

It's also surprising that the Turbo cab doesn't look bad. 911 cabs tend to be hunchbacked beasts, with a bulbous area where the roof was cut off that makes it look like Quasimodo. The 911 has gotten rid of some of that ungainliness, but the Turbo cab looks spectacular. That's probably because of the ultra-wide haunches that make it look shorter and squatter and dangerouser.


Other than the top being chopped off, it's standard 911 Turbo fare here. Pricing starts at $160,700 for the Turbo and a whopping $193,900 for the Turbo S. Are they worth it?



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