It's 1995 and a new Mitsubishi Eclipse has just hit the streets. But this is back during the high days of the DSM era, so it's not just an Eclipse, it's also an Eagle Talon. And to market it the folks at Chrysler turned to one of America's greatest motorsports legends: Academy Award nominee Greg Kinnear.


Actually, I have no idea if Kinnear is a car guy or not, or even if he remembers shilling for the Talon back in the day. But the ad campaign features him handing the car off to a variety of different people, including Porkchop, the Renegade Biker. Porkchop's opinion? The Eclipse, er, Talon exceeds expectations.

Another one has the future Stuck on You star letting two 90s bros sample the Talon's patented Speed Sensitive Steering.


They seemed to like it, but when they offer to let Kinnear go cruising, he doesn't seem interested.

What gives, Kinnear? You too good for the Talon all of a sudden?

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