Popular Mechanics Lists Five Most Notorious Auto Recalls, Then Retracts Article

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Get it? That makes the story recalled! Ha! You know, because, uh... ah, hell, OK, we made it up. But the story is still cool. [Popular Mechanics]



Three of those were non-issues that got amazily blown out of proportion. There was no problem with the Explorer besides a bad call on tires. They are no more prone to roll-over than any other SUV. In fact several tests proved that they were amongst the best of their day for rollover resistance. The problem was with idiot drivers stabbing the brakes when they had a flat. That's going to make any vehicle unstable. A test was performed where they made a rig to suddenly deflate a front tire on an Explorer, and it performed in an exemplary fashion, being stable and easy to get to the side of the road after having a blowout at 80 mph no problem. The driver problem is what affected the Audi 5000 as well. It was conclusively proven that 95% of the time, people were idiots and mashed the gas when they meant to hit the brake. For the other 5%, it's been proven time and again that if you mash the brake and the gas at the same time, brake wins, unless you have about three times the horsepower of the 5000. And finally, the Pinto. The most sensationalist of them all. The famous case was completely misrepresented, but that's what most people ran with. The speed differential was much higher than was initially reported. The Pinto was stopped and the full-size truck that ran into it was doing about 45 mph. Any car that size, with a rear mounted tank, getting hit by a 4500 lb vehicle at a 45 mph speed differential is going to fold like a beer can. Every small rwd car of the era would be just as destroyed and go into a big ball of fire just like the Pinto in the same situation. It reminds me of the hype over the Crown Vic a few years ago. The one that was sitting by the side of the road and got hit by an F350, pulling a trailer, going 65 mph. "Oh, rear tanks are unsafe! Just look at how that ruptured!" There was no room for a fuel tank. If it had been anything less than a Vic, there wouldn't have been any car left.

All of these are examples of non-issues that were blown completely out of proportion by the media, just like what is happening to Toyota as we speak. Because 90 people complained, suddenly every product they make is unsafe. Because as we know from South Park, one complaint equals a billion people. So 90 billion people were endangered by faulty accelerator pedals. People need to stop being so alarmist and learn how to drive, so they can be like the rest of the world that did fine with the 10 million other Explorers that went and got new tires and kept driving their vehicle that was perfectly fine.

No excuse for the X-cars or Volare though. That was simple bad design and manufacturing.