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Pontiac Still Building 16-Alarm-Level Excitement

Illustration for article titled Pontiac Still Building 16-Alarm-Level Excitement

A 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP under a recall warning against parking underneath any structure is being blamed as the source of a $3 million apartment building fire in Plymouth, Minnesota. How exciting!


The 2000 Grand Prix GTP, along with Buick Regals equipped with the General's supercharged 3800 V6, was recalled in 2003 for the possibility of engine fires. This particular example apparently escaped the recall or found a way around the fix and set the apartment complex it was parked under ablaze with excitement. Thankfully nobody was injured in the fire, but it did draw as many as 50 firefighters and 16 firetrucks. So does that mean 2000 Pontiacs were building 16 alarm fire-level excitement? (Hat tip to Kevin!)
[Star Tribune]

Photo unrelated to story, though it's disturbing how many results pop up when you Google "Pontiac Grand Prix fire."

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the car doesn't look bad without all the plastic cladding