Pontiac Returning to Rear-Drive Roots?

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Ready for a bunch of new Pontiacs that have more in common with the 1965 Bonneville than the 1985 or 1995 versions? You'd better be, according to AutoWeek, because Pontiac's ready to oblige. Confirming many enthusiasts' best-case-scenario for GM's ailing "performance" brand, Pontiac will move to an entirely rear-drive line (and no more trucks), beginning with the next-next generation of its cars — a five-year plan of sorts — using architectures developed by GM's Holden division of Australia. A teaser of what's to come will emerge in the form of a RWD concept car at next year's Detroit show, AW reports, and the company is reportedly considering the future of the Grand Prix sedan, a replacement for the GTO based on the next-gen Chevrolet Camaro and a renewing of the Firebird badge. Could another Cadillac-style brand re-imagining be at hand? And if so, which classic rock band will supply the theme song? We're going with The New York Dolls' "Jet Boy." [UPDATE: More on the Holden angle.]


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