Pontiac G8 ST El Camino To Get Direct-Inject V6

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Sources at GM are beginning to whisper that the 2010 Pontiac G8 El Camino Pontiac G8 ST will be getting a version of the direct injection V6 present in the Cadillac CTS. First to tell us a two-engine plan for the new El Camino G8 ST was a real possibility was Pontiac marketing director Craig Bierley, who told us the option was "absolutely on the table." Now Edmunds' site always with the exclusive Inside Line on happenings at the General claims it's more than likely not just a possibility, but a reality. Jalopnik Snap Judgment: When we speculated on the success of the Pontiac G8 ST with only a big honkin' 361 HP V8, we wondered aloud if a V6 option might not make a lot of sense. Given the disintegration of the full size truck market, and a largely unserved compact truck market, a 3.6-liter V6-powered El Camino G8 ST could be a huge success. Is it wrong that we're almost more excited about a well designed V6 in the truck-car than the tire melting power of a V8? Note we said "almost."


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A V6 makes more sense for most people, both with efficiency, and weight. As long as they put a manual in it, there are actually a lot more things that you would reasonable be able to do with it. That said, they need to give the HP hounds a V8 option, since it IS a GM device.

@mr_hat: My narrow angle V6 R32 quite effectively satisfies me. The old Ferarri V6 was pretty cool too. I dunno what 'satisfaction' is in your book, but some folks just gotta have a V8. I can definitely understand that perspective.