Police Struggle To Detain And Taze Flailing Naked Man In Car Dealer

Police were called to an Indianapolis car dealership to help remove a man who decided to get naked and yell obscenities at the staff. What is unknown at this point is why the man was there and what caused him to act the way he did. In attempting to subdue the man, police use tazers and repeatedly hit him.


According to MyFoxDC, the man was allegedly at the dealership to steal a car and that is when the disturbance began. In the video the man refuses the officer's commands, takes all his clothes off and appears to attack the officers. At this point it is unclear if any charges were filed.

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Tom, I live in Indy. I don't believe this was covered locally by our news outlet (certainly nothing online). It's Ray Skillman GMC on the south side of town. Oddly we had an 11 y.o. black kid that robbed a CVS pharmacy on the west side with a piece of paper claiming he would shoot up the place that made the news.

This guy, who just happens to be white, is alleged to commit GTA, is out of his mind, cops stuggle with him on video [insert joke here], but doesn't make local news (tv, online, print).

*one of these things...er, let's just say this is weird.