A developer in Tarpon Springs, Florida was annoyed by people parking around a popular restaurant, so he installed fake "No Parking" signs. Unfortunately, people got ticketed by real police and now everyone's furious.

Seems local douche developer Mike Bronson didn't like the number of people parking around the Tarpon Turtle Grill and Marina, so he installed 22 fake "No Parking" signs to discourage patrons from street parking. As a result, over the course of two years police wrote some 200 parking tickets which were essentially bogus. Local officials are working to return the phony fines to those who were ticketed, but in the mean time perhaps those of you in the area should let Mr. Bronson know how you feel about his shenanigans. Did we mention the Tarpon Turtle is a popular bar and grille right on the water with a fun atmosphere, flowing beverages and an extensive menu. It's located at 1513 Lake Tarpon Ave., Tarpon Springs, Florida and we're betting they'd be more than happy to let you park streetside rather than in their parking lot. Here's their website. We're sure Bronson would love to see you there. [TBO]