Sometimes stereotypes are advantageous when used for hilarious exploitation. Like when seven police officers in Clare, MI purchased a closing bakery to reopen it as "Cops & Doughnuts." And yes, it's already a popular cop hangout.

When the seven officers in the small town heard the Clare City Bakery was going out of business, they figured they couldn't let the 113 year old establishment just vanish, so they purchased it, re-worked the menu and reopened it as "Cops & Doughnuts." They've even got a line of merchandise to go along with the venture with clever little phrases like "You Have the Right to Remain Glazed." Apparently the place has been a hit with officer and citizen alike, and with state troopers popping in for a ring or two. [TheMorningSun, CopsAndDoughnuts]

Photo source: Ryan Evon