Polaris Slingshot Has Electronic Driver Aids, Ridiculously Low Seats

The latest look at the three-wheeled Polaris Slingshot sports coupe/motorcycle gives us a glimpse of the gauges, which feature a swath of warning lights that look like stability control, traction control, and steering assist. We also get to see how crazy-low this vehicle really is.


Talk about grounded to the ground... that doesn't look like a whole lotta ass-to-asphalt clearance. (Look above the "TE" in "IGNITE" for the leg.)

Our friends at SlingshotForums have broken down the new Slingshot teaser and started speculating on seat comfort, safety and build quality.

The fact that this passenger is wearing gloves and a complete absence of anything resembling doors makes it look like Polaris is leaning toward "motorcycle" rather than "sports car" as far as driving experience goes. Will the Slingshot become a gateway drug to lure sports car folks into alternatives like this, and eventually turn them into motorcyclists?

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