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Please Savor This Exceedingly Dumb Pit Lane Pile-Up

GIF via IndyCar

IndyCar’s James Hinchcliffe discovered what happens when you try to give a car too much gas and lose control, causing a quite dumb pile-up at the end of Texas Motor Speedway’s pit lane tonight.


Hinchcliffe was trying to beat Helio Castroneves to the end of the pit lane, but ended up losing the rear end of his car in the process, pushing Castroneves’ car in to reigning Indy 500 winner and Super Aguri F1’s most illustrious alum Takuma Sato.


The Hinch torpedo made the end of pit lane look a bit like bumper cars. Hinchcliffe was given a drive-through penalty for avoidable contact, sending him to the back of the field.

When Hinchcliffe was told to come in for the penalty over his team radio, he asked “What for?”

C’mon, man. You know what you did.

Elsewhere, Andretti Autosport driver Alexander Rossi already had to retire after a crash (he’s fine), and pole-sitter Charlie Kimball’s Honda-powered car was taken behind the wall for an oil leak after running up front for the first chunk of the race. The Honda-powered single-seater curse continues, apparently.

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Hinch just put too much power down. Now Helio is out if it.

Vautier putting in a good argument that whatever check Gutierrez has brought Tristin should still run the ovals.

Keep your eyes on Carpenter he’s been running well.