I cannot help but cherish and adore this demo video for what appears to be an interesting and innovative two-wheel drive collapsable off-road motorcycle from Russia. Critically, it is set to Twisted Sister’s 1985 classic “The Price.”

This is the Tarus 2x2 (Тарусь 2х2), or the “SUV in a suitcase” as another demo video proclaims. It’s a motorcycle with big balloon tires and chain-driven power going to the front wheel as well as the back. Also, the thing sort of ladder-extends through the middle for extra stability.


If I were a rural Russian living in amongst bogs and intermittently frozen muck fields (as my American education has taught me all Russians live), I’d find this vehicle quite useful.

This channel also hosts other, more modern demo videos of the moto2x2, but it’s the one cheerfully set to ‘80s glam metal that I love the most. Would that all product demos were this sweet.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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