Please Enjoy This Aircooled Volkswagen Longroof Hooning Low In The Snow

Does riding low keep you from having fun in the snow? Nope!

Here’s a car Bernd Steinwidder describes as “the lowest VW Type 3 Squareback in Austria” hooning around a frigid parking lot.


I miss the Type 3 we ran in LeMons so much. I got to take it out on the dirt fire break path around the local road course once, and it was hilariously easy to get sideways thanks to its engine way, way in the back. If you want a big, fun pendulum of a rear-heavy vintage car, get a Type 3.

He’s probably brushing a lot of snow up against that vintage belly pan thanks to this car’s speedbump-grinding height. Still, who cares when your aircooled Volkswagen looks this good just sitting still, much less while getting loose on the slippery stuff?

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Longroof? Is this the same as the Squareback?