Watch The 787-9 Tear Up The Skies Like A Fighter Jet

Boeing is preparing to make a big splash with its stretched Dreamliner at the Paris Air Show this year. How do they plan on doing this? The old school way, by putting the 300,000 pound beast through its paces in front of a huge crowd, max performing the carbon fiber jet like it was an F-15, as seen in the video below:

There is an all-out war for orders between Boeing’s 787 and Airbus’s A350. Paris gives Boeing a chance to seal some deals right in Airbus’s backyard. Also of interest is the airline that will be emblazoned across the 787-9’s fuselage during the display.


Vietnam is increasingly becoming a player on the world stage, with a growing export economy and tightening relations with the U.S. As a result, the nation is now making its tender as an international travel and business destination, one that is not afraid to embrace the latest technology. This, along with being an early 787-9 customer, will bring the Vietnam “brand” to show center on a world stage.

If you are not checking airline ticket prices to the city of lights, baguettes and rude cabbies at this very moment after seeing this awesome video then you must have other plans. Not to worry, Flight Club will update you on the key aerial happening in the skies over Paris next week as the big show gets underway.

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