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We'll say it right now: there are certain trends in automotive customization we just don't get. Case in point, the rusted Opel Mantas with go-faster stripes, "Rothmans Rally" stickers and banks of driving lights we'd see tearing around the country roads of Northern Ireland back in the '80s. The propensity of the tuner-types we'd spot tooling around Contra Costa County, CA with nice aluminum wheels in the front and base-car steelies sans hubcaps in the rear, coffee can exhausts farting tunelessly in the breeze.

The propensity to take classic cars ripe for rodding and stripping them of all personality just to be able to point out the million little mods you paid through the nose for at a Goodguys show. But most annoying of all are the declass , more-money-than brains dubbed-up and be-blinged jobs that seem to be all the rage with hip hop and sports stars. But hey, if that's your thing, here's a gallery of your favorite b-ball players with their favorite rides.

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