Illustration for article titled Playboy Names R8 Car of The Year. Plus: Whats The Sexiest Volvo?

What does it really matter what Japanese automotive journalists think is the Japanese Car of the Year, or what the European journalists think is the European Car of the Year? Who even cars what Motor Trend says is their Car of the Year? We want to know what Playboy thinks. LBJ said it best, "So goes Playboy, so goes the nation." The venerable Audi R8 is the lad's mag's pick for this year's top ride, along with some selections in a few other random categories. The full list below the jump:


Playboy's Cars of the Year Best Luxury Sports Coupe: Maserati Gran Turismo Smartest Purchase - Smart Fortwo Best Sports Sedan - Cadillac CTS Best SUV - Land Rover LR2 Best Crossover - Buick Enclave Best Convertible - BMW 335i Best Earth Day Car - Mercedes Benz E320 Bluetec Best Pint Size Performance - Volvo C30 CAR OF THE YEAR - AUDI R8 [Playboy]

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