Playboy Fiat heir causes transit shutdown with camo Jeep

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Lapo Elkann loves three things in this world: partying with drag queens, causing mischief, and driving conspicuously modified Fiat/Chrysler company vehicles. By carelessly parking his camouflage Jeep Grand Cherokee across the tracks of Turin's tram system he's managed to combine at least two of these.

As one of the heirs to the family controlling Fiat/Chrysler, Lapo has his share of responsibilities and perks. He has some sort of marketing job within the Fiat company itself, which is perhaps why he seems to be the poster boy for a recklessly indifferent lifestyle.

There was the time he caused the Toronto Raptors to lose an NBA game. The time he caused a stir in Europe by driving around in a modified Jeep Grand Cherokee proclaiming the driver was an "Italian Motherfucker."


Blocking traffic in Turin for 30 minutes by parking his camo Jeep Grand Cherokee across the Tram tracks is pure Lapo Elkann. May we suggest a new bumper sticker for your new Jeep?


"Italian Asshat."

(Hat tip to Logos!)

Photo Credit: Corriere Della Sera/Salmoirago