Illustration for article titled Plasma-Turbo Is Certainly One of the Best Hyphenates Ever: Wacky, Futuristic Stuff From MIT

Remember back when everything used to be "atomic?" Then somehow "nuclear" became the preferred phrase? But it seems to us, something as important of the fission and/or fusion of the atom should be a simple, agreed-upon pronunciation, so figures as important as presidents don't look like assholes when talking about things that could be either a huge boon or a giant bust. Meanwhile, cats at MIT are working on all sorts of rad, future propulsion and energy options, including an ethanol-fired plasma-spun turbocharger. (Have the geeks in Mass been reading vintage Turbonique catalogs in their spare time?) "Plasma-turbo" totally sounds straight out of the Thundercats, btw. Didn't Panthro have one?


MIT's Energy 'Manhattan Project' [Wired via Winding Road]

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