A vintage jet fighter has crashed at an air show in Madrid, Spain, after failing to pull out of a stunt.

The pilot somehow survived the initial crash, but died of severe injuries at the hospital, according to Russia Today.

Though 3,000 spectators were at the event, none appear to have been injured.

We'll update you with more information as it comes in.

UPDATE: The pilot, Ladislao Tejedor Romero, was experienced in fighter jets and was also an assistant to Spanish Defense Minister Pedro Morenes, according to the AP. It's not yet known what brought the plane, an Hispano Avacion HA-200 built in the 1950s, down to the ground. Two rescue workers were also taken to the hospital due to burns and smoke inhalation, respectively, as well as 57-year-old man believed to be the pilot's father, suffering from an anxiety attack.


UPDATE #2: Reader The Stig's Oklahoman Cousin just posted this video, taken from another angle. The bad bit is towards the end: