Boys Republic is a Californian treatment community for troubled kids. Before driving around in Ferraris and Jaguars at speed, Steve McQueen spent some time here. To commemorate his time served, there's now an annual car show.


The school is in Chino Hills, California, self-described as a “private, nonprofit, nonsectarian school and treatment community for troubled youngsters.” McQueen arrived here a troubled prepubescent street kid, remanded to the institute by his violent stepfather. He credited the place with giving him a sense of focus and left at age 16 as a role model for the other boys.

McQueen would go on to direct some of his wealth and attention to Boys Republic, which now hosts a small car show every year in his honor.

Wonderful Los Angeles-based blog A Time To Get was there for this year’s event. It was Porsche-heavy and the pictures are beautiful in a very analog way.


Photo Credit: A Time To Get