Piaggio Set To Release 170mpg Plug-In Hybrid Scooters

/> Not only will Piaggio's new HyS scooters be environmentally friendly, but they'll boast 85% stronger acceleration too. The parallel hybrid engine is remarkably small, requiring no visual modifications to the Vespa LX, Piaggio X8 or MP3, while hugely improving the gas mileage of all three. Capable of recharging from a standard 220v European outlet, the scooters can travel up to 12 miles on electricity alone. The underseat batteries can be recharged on the fly by the engine or through regenerative braking.


Featuring a five-mode switch, riders can choose between three different hybrid modes - optimizing performance, mileage and battery charge - or fully electric and reverse. All other controls remain standard.

The three HyS scooters are currently prototypes, but expect production to begin next year.

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