Philadelphia Man Fights Chevy Corsica, Corsica Wins

You don't really think "Like a Rock" when you think Chevrolet Corsica, but who would've thought Chevy's little '90s compact would hold its own in a street brawl?

A Philadelphia man here was caught on video apparently enraged about unemployment. Who isn't? The latest stats show that 7.3 percent of the nation is out of work.


To take out his aggressions, our guy wails on this hapless GM runabout haphazardly. A few half-hearted punches lead up to a flying kick — which turns out to be a bad idea, because our guy bounces back and lands head first on the concrete, apparently falling unconscious.

Let's hope our guy is OK, but man, score one for Chevrolet and/or this Corsica's owner. Chevy gets props for making a car that lasts, and the owner for keeping it up all this time.


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