Peugeot Prologue Concept Coming To Paris, Interbreeding Several Universes

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We aren't fluent in French. So when we loaded the press release for this new Peugeot Prologue Concept into our handy-dandy computerized language translation device, we were a bit befuddled by the proclamation that the Prologue was the result of "the interbreeding of several universes" or something. As this is a hybrid-powered crossover, we're assuming they're talking about the blending of car and SUV elements as well as internal combustion and electric power. But who knows, maybe this thing got sucked through a black hole and Peugeot found it sitting at the bottom of the ocean or something. Press release translation below the jump.

Resulting from the interbreeding of several universes, it concept-because "PROLOGUE…" raises part of the veil on a vehicle of a new kind. Anticipating the tendencies which take shape, "PROLOGUE…" proposes a synthesis innovating on various plans: its architecture, its style, its interior environment, its modularity, its equipment high-tech news like its hybrid technology of new generation. Indeed, thanks to this technology, this car of 147 kw (200 ch), has unexpected services and posts particularly controlled CO2 emissions: 109 g/km in mixed cycle, even zero in electric mode only!

[Peugeot via Babel Fish]

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Ash78, voting early and often

Funny, this looks like a car trying to be an SUV, while all of our (US) SUVs are slowly making their way towards being cars.

It's like a better-looking RAV-4 or Murano.