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Not loving the French is not an option. They're irrational. They invented the Traction Avant. They gave us a great big green statue. They may quite possibly, as an entire people, be insane. We have lived with a Frenchman and loved a Frenchwoman, and she's the one that slots perfectly in this story. When we were a teen we were with a group of riends raising hell in some lame '50s-style diner in Sacto. The ridiculously hot, Misfits-and-Schiele-loving Frenchwoman is being exceptionally obnoxious. The manager comes over and tells us to calm down.

She indignantly says, "I don't understand. I'm French!" And then she fired a spitball at him. A moment we were instantly reminded of when we found out Peugeot's response to British unionists' urgings that Britons boycott the company due to a plant closing in the UK was reported thusly: "A Peugeot spokesman said he was 'surprised' at the campaign and questioned whether union funds would have been better spent on employees." Vive la France!

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