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Peter Horbury, the man responsible for Volvo's last design direction and now in charge of Ford's North American styling operations, says that Lincoln is on track, with eight new models to hit the showroom floor over the next few years. Somehow, we don't quite believe him; Lincoln's traditional competition has been Cadillac, and with Caddy chasing the Germans with its excellent Sigma architecture, Lincoln's found itself in no-man's land, a brand of rebadged luxo-Fords for the aged; a formerly aspirational brand that nobody aspires to anymore.

We find it telling that Horbury feels he can now divide his time equally between the Lincoln, Mercury and Ford brands, because let's face it, there's little in the way of stunning design coming out of FoMoCo's American operations these days with the exception of the GT and (arguably) the Mustang. If that's the standard that Horbury's hewing to, Lincoln's in deeper trouble than we thought. Either that, or the whole North American division's finally in for some long-overdue major surgery.

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