Peter Cullen To Voice Optimus Prime In Transformers Movie, But Will He Voice K.A.R.R. In Knight Rider?

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As tipster Brendan told us:

YES!!! I can say that even if prime isn't going to be an upright freightliner type cab, at least they got the right voice to play him.


We couldn't agree more, B. We're excited to hear the news despite it's lack of release info on the official site. Although Peter Cullen's probably best known to fanboys as the voice of Optimus Prime from the 1980's Transformers cartoon series, he's got more vocal automotive ties than just that — he also was the voice of the evil Knight Enterprises prototype car, K.A.R.R. (the Knight Automated Roving Robot) from the show "Knight Rider." No word yet on if he'll be asked back to reprise that particular role.

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