Pesto! Calzone! Gnocchi! Borscht! Paella! The Fiat 124!

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Yes, it's the Fiat 124, the car that didn't outlast the Beetle or the Mini, but nevertheless jumpstarted a number of automotive industries, including those of the Rodina (Lada Riva), Spain, (SEAT 124), India (Premier 118NE), Bulgaria (Pirin-Fiat) and Turkey. Meanwhile, we're really missing that prepackaged, boil-in-pack Indian food we found abandoned in our Apart-Hotel room in Paris, and hating the construction workers across the street who are using something that sounds roughly like a TIE Fighter sans Doppler effect. If a gat were handy, a gat would be at hand.

Fiat 124 []

The Fiat Multicarga: Millecinquecentoamino! [Internal]


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