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This week at TreeHugger: The Chinese, they sure do love their Transformers. Robots are nothing new to the far East, but an intense car culture is—and some people are feeling a bit unnerved. Prius feeling a little pricey? Toyota wants to make a hybrid you can't resist affording. If you ever wondered how the cost of driving compares to riding public transit, here's a glance at the dollars and cents. If that commute feels like it's killing, it might just be the truth. A new report from Forbes tells just how deadly it can be. There's only one really clever thing to do with thousands of pounds of fish guts: make biodiesel. Goofy-looking it may be, but the Elettrica EV can make the run from London to Brighton with battery power to spare. If you never thought you'd see the words Honda, Diesel, and United States together in one sentence, 2010 will be the year. Toyota has been talking about plug-ins for good while, but is now ready to get serious and do the road tests.

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