Perspective Shift: Greener Cars From TreeHugger

This week at TreeHugger: The Sundance Channel's green series, Big Ideas for a Small Planet, continues with a trip into world of personal mobility. The lads at Top Gear put the peppy little G-Wiz EV through a crash test...and things didn't go so well. But was it fair? A Purdue University discovery finds little aluminum and gallium pellets might be the hydrogen miracle we've been waiting for. Researchers have found a way to make them produce hydrogen when water is added. Toyota and Honda are dubbed greenest automakers, but it's for more than just than just efficient cars that they earn the crown. China's mad rush to get behind the wheel is doing gnarly things to the nation's traffic, and the parking is getting insane. Domino's Pizza puts electric Xebras to work delivering pizzas in Las Vegas. The ZAP-X comes one step closer to hitting the road with the addition of its exciting wheel motor technology.

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