Perspective Shift: Greener Cars From TreeHugger

This week at TreeHugger: The Eco Speedster by Opel is driving proof that diesels can top 100 miles per hour, and 100 miles per gallon, in the same breath. BP's Helios House is an attempt at a greener gas station, complete with LEED certification, rainwater collection, solar panels, and recycled glass. Israel wants to be an electric car Mecca in order to supply clean vehicles to Middle Eastern neighbors like Jordan and the UAE. Domino magazine and TreeHugger offer some winning tips for sustainable urban transport. George Bush smiles, waves, and inspects a plug-in hybrid Prius and a full electric vehicle from Phoenix Motorcars on the White House lawn. The Oscars went green this year, and all those beautiful celebs schlepped their good intentions to the big night in all sorts of green cars. The all-American gang over at NASCAR wants to smell some ethanol on the track. The clever Norwegians behind the electric Think want to sell you the electric car but lease you the battery.

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