Perspective Shift: Greener Cars From Treehugger

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This week at TreeHugger: The very Los Angeles Lovecraft Biofuels pushes veggie-mobility in a video ad. Farmer Henry Hobhouse of Somerset, England has a new use for half his apple crop: methane gas that heats his house and fuels his Jaguar XK-6. The BugE's blend-into-the-set-of-Total-Recall looks may or not please your aesthetic pallet, but anything that costs a penny per mile to drive is always at least a bit interesting. John Laumer wades through the Philadelphia auto show to find more specimens of our back to the low-mileage future, and finds that some of the true relics are some of the most efficient cars. For those familiar with the T-Rex, the Silence PT2 will strike a familiar chord, but this time we're talking electric and, shhhh, stealth. Toyota, a company many believe owes its ascendance to efficient cars and green technology, is trying to make room in Americans' hearts for its enormous Tundra.


[TreeHugger's Perspective Shift roundup appears every Wednesday, except for this week.]

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