Perspective Shift: Greener Cars From TreeHugger

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This week at TreeHugger: Despite being the industry hybrid leader, only 5% of Toyota's total sales are gas/electric vehicles. For 2007, the auto giant is vying for a 40% increase in hybrid output. As the climate changes, so does car fashion: while guzzlers become bigger and bigger ridicule targets, small is becoming the new black. Tesla Motors opens a new technical center near Detroit to tinker with its roadster and the "WhiteStar" sedan, moving towards its mission of bringing electric cars to the masses. Freedom Fuels is a free online documentary that examines the available alternatives for your tank and chronicles their history. Nissan announces the sticker price for its new 42 mpg hybrid Altima. A silent electric city vehicle from Italy solves the problem of startling pedestrians with the addition of horse hoof sound effects. This Summer, presumably without the sound of horses,George Clooney will zip around Italy in an electric Smart Car to promote Hybrid Technologies' newest conversion (and they're taking orders).

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