Perspective Shift: Greener Cars From TreeHugger

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This Week at TreeHugger: It's great when there's too much good green car news to squeeze into a post. In hybrid and plug-in news: California regulators buy their first plug-in for testing; Nissan does an about face and plots a hybrid Altima; an in-depth interview with EV and plug-in guru Paul Scott; and Thandie Newton has an epiphany when she finds one of those SUV warnings things on the windshield of her BMW. On the biofuel front: Texas oil moguls start doling out the biodiesel; an Indian state plans for biodiesel independence in ten years; and Sydney, Australia gets its first BD "servo". (in Los Angeles we're still waiting) In the land of fuel-cells: researchers have developed a hydrogen fuel-cell that runs on enzymes from bacteria; fuel-cell trains in Japan; and your chance to see Toyota's Fine-T fuel-cell concept vehicle at the New York Auto Show starting this week.

[TreeHugger's Perspective Shift will be back to its Wednesday time slot next week]


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