The modern study of geography has moved far beyond believing purely in environmental determinism, though it's undeniable we're influenced by where we live. This is why the combination of physical maps with our own faces is so fascinating.

Inspired by this photo, we decided to experiment with a human-map hybrid. Rather than use a photo of anyone on Jalopnik, we decided to go with a more attractive option: Minka Kelly of Friday Night Lights fame (on a sidenote, the show returns next week on DirectTV). She's from Los Angeles, so we snagged a map of the greater LA area, combined it with a photo of Kelly and here it is: LA/Minka Kelly.


Using the "blend option" in photoshop you can create these yourself in a matter of minutes. Click through the gallery for more detailed instructions and go ahead, share with us your own personal map overlay.

Photo Credit: UT PCL Map Library, Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

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