Normally I don't pry off many emblems during visits to my local wrecking yard; I'm there frequently and my house would get overwhelmed by clutter if I pocketed every somewhat cool emblem I encountered (though I do make an exception for early 1970s Chevy Impala emblems). However, every so often some emblem catches my eye and I must have it; in this case it's the emblem representing Cadillac's infamous V8-6-4 engine of 1981, which combined with the Cimarron to give Cadillac's image a couple of big black eyes that lingered for years (cylinder deactivation works great these days, delivering excellent mileage from large-displacement engines, but not all the bugs had been worked out back then). Best of all, it's a Malaise-style "stick-on" emblem without difficult-to-mount studs, so it's getting JB Welded to my laptop as a theft deterrent. I mean, would you steal a V8-6-4?