Peoples Republic Of Los Angeles Doubles Rolling-Right Fine, Tickets Via Camera

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Across the greater Los Angeles area, rolling right-hand turns — failing to come to a complete stop when turning right at a red light — will now be recorded using traffic cameras. As many as 32 camera-equipped intersections across the city will be ready to automatically dole out a $381 unrepresented tax fine for the offense. Dubbed "California stops" by the police, the new program will double the existing fine, which happens to be levied in eight of ten traffic tickets in LA. We're certain this will be a successful way to raise city revenues improve traffic flow and safety in Los Angeles. [LATimes]

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@Mad_Science: I saw that video a while back, and it kinda opens up some canned worms. It'd be a good one to throw out to an Ethics class.

Frankly I'm on the kids' side - if no one is adhering to the speed limit, then how can you pull one person out and legitimately ticket that person, while allowing hundreds of others to get away with it?

The short answer is to say that each case is tried on its own merits, that that individual was caught speeding and is therefore answerable to the law of the land, but the law of the land is unequally applied and therefore not fair to all, only to the poor bastard who just happened to catch the officer's attention at the moment. Red car? Sorry bud, you're nailed.

So then what should happen is the cops go out and if they're serious about the speed limit, enforce it just the way these kids did. That's ENFORCEMENT, when you literally will not permit anyone to break the limit. That other thing, what cops do, is not enforcement - it's punishment. There is no actual enforcement.

But my version doesn't rake in thousands of dollars a day in fines, so that isn't what's gonna get done.

Whew, okay! Pulse returning to normal. Mr. Furious, signing off.