People In This Pickup Truck Survived A Direct Hit From Lightning [VIDEO]

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Al and Betty Perry were driving their late-model Chevrolet Silverado down Highway 14 in Alberta when a lightning strike turned their truck into a f*king rolling fireball. Airbags deployed, cabin filled with smoke, and both occupants thought they were doomed until a passing cop busted in and saved their butts.

All that insanity was caught on a factory's surveillance camera pointed at the road:

Uh, are we still sure a car is the safest place to be in a lightning storm?

It sounds like the Perrys had a pretty traumatic experience; they describe a sound "like a sonic boom," and being unable to get the doors open after the strike. It's pretty amazing that these people had the worst luck imaginable followed immediately by a reprieve when an RCMP officer just happened to be on-hand for a rescue.


CTV Edmonton has a complete broadcast report, if you don't mind sitting through a few autoplay commercials.

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