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Wake Up To Over Twelve Minutes Of Glorious Historical Penske Racing Footage

When your team sticks around for 50 years, I suppose you should get Tom Brokaw to narrate a video of all your successes. Team Penske showed over 12 minutes of wonderful old footage of everything from the Indianapolis 500 to V8 Supercars at their fiftieth anniversary celebration, and it does not disappoint.

It’s as rah-rah-go-team as you’d expect a team-produced video to be, but when your team owner retires from driving to bring in Mario Andretti (!), you can toot all the horns you want.


Let’s be honest, I could watch old footage of Trans-Am loophole genius Mark Donohue and the fantastic Porsche RS Spyder all day long.

[H/T Sportscar365]

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Margin Of Error

Penske should start making road cars, a la McLaren.

That would be interesting.