Pedestrians In Bars Eating Toffee Is Seinfeld Parody Done Right

We love Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, but what if you don't have famous funny friends or access to some of the most legendary cars on the road? Well, then you should walk to a bar and eat some toffee.


This show is done perfectly in that Seinfeldian style. In fact, I could see Jerry in this show, mainly because of the main character's affinity for sneakers. Though I'm not sure if Seinfeld likes toffee. If he does, I'm suer he eats it like this.

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13 year old sneakers..... I'm lucky if mine survive 13 months.

Otherwise, it's a good parody, but it's really missing the part of CCC that makes it good. Being funny. That parody was clinically accurate, but flat in its experience. Like meat grown in a petri dish.