PCH, Sochaux Versus LA Edition: Madman Muntz Jet or 16 Diesel Peugeots?

Welcome to Project Car Hell, where you choose your eternity by selecting the project that's the coolest... and the most hellish! We had a couple of 2-fer-1 Hell Project deals go toe-to-toe on Monday, and the Nash/Hudson combo triumphed over the pair of '57 Cadillacs by a 2-to-1 margin in the poll. Aren't multiple-car projects fun? Sure they are! And what's more fun than two projects dripping oil in your yard? Sixteen projects, of course… unless you're the type who prefers the challenge of a single project with no possibility of parts obtainment to the "instant junkyard" approach. That's the choice we're giving you today!

Madman Muntz was a genuine American legend, and he didn't just sell cars, car stereos, and TVs- he manufactured cars, car stereos, and TVs! His car was the Muntz Jet, a Cadillac V8-powered, heavily-modified Kurtis Kraft Sport, and it was quite the performer for its era. Only about 400 Muntz Jets were ever built, so you're probably wiping away a tear at the thought that you'll never own one. Dry your eyes, pal, because Thunder has found this 1953 Muntz Jet… and not just any Muntz Jet- this one bears The Madman's Stereo-Pak sponsorship lettering! It's rusty. Stuff is missing. The engine looks very bad. Replacement parts are made of Unobtanium-237. But someday you'll emerge from the sulfurous haze of your garage behind the wheel of your roaring Muntz Jet, proving all your doubters wrong (well, those who didn't live to age 90, as you'll need to do in order to finish this project).
You know what's wrong with the Muntz Jet as a Hell Project? It's not at all French! There's no hell like French Car Hell, and the best way to get serious about French Car Hell is to horrify your neighbors with the sudden appearance of a bunch of Peugeot basket cases diamonds-in-rough lined up in your driveway, front yard, and all available street parking in the neighborhood. How many Peugeots? We're talking 15 Peugeot 504s and a Peugeot 505 (go here if the ad disappears), and you can take 'em all home for just $4,800! They're all diesels, they all run, and they all have titles. Oh, sure, "the tires are bad and the brakes are mushy on some," but the seller has "alot of spare parts" (which may or may not be included in the deal). Imagine the possibilities here- you could do 16 different crazy engine swaps, starting with a Cadillac 500 and ending with a Cummins M11! Or restore them all and have a fleet of Peugeots that will drag you down serve you faithfully for the rest of your life. Thanks to Jon for the tip!


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