Pastrana On High: MX Legend to Transition to Auto Racing

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Devout Jalopniker and DC resident CTE tipped us off to a WaPo profile of motocross icon Travis Pastrana. While our beloved tipster makes with the snark and notes, "They featured this guy's place on Cribs as well. Cribs, of course, is the premier primary source for most Post writers," and we noticed a couple of big misses by the Post's vaunted copy-edit squad (note to WaPo copy desk: cars do not use "breaks" to stop except in dire emergencies and the well-known motorcycle apparel company is Alpinestars), the Posties did manage to tell us something we'd missed in our admittedly sporadic attention to Pastrana's career: that the 22 year-old phenom is planning to bail on two-wheeled competition in favor of rallying, a sport in which he hopes to suffer fewer injuries.

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