Party Kept Going After Pissed-Off 81-Year-Old Man Shot Up A Car

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Ain't no party like a Bay City, Michigan party, 'cause a Bay City, Michigan party don't stop. Even when an angry man in his 80s shoots up a parked car outside said party.


The folks at have a hilarious update to yesterday's story about the pissed-off 81-year-old Bay City man who fired two shots into a Chevy Malibu because it happened to be parked in front of his house.

It turns out the car was parked in front of shooting suspect Richard J. O'Hara's house because it was owned by someone attending the grand opening of a nearby local woodworking business. O'Hara shot at the car because he believed his property extended seven feet into the street. (This is incorrect.)

Despite the shooting, and the arrival of armored police who took O'Hara into custody, "the party kept going with music, food and fun," said the business owner, Nelson H. Niederer.

Niederer was even planning to bring O'Hara a chicken plate from the party when the shooting happened.

The story sheds some more light on O'Hara, who we now know patrols his neighborhood at night with a shotgun and "previously had a dummy of President Barack Obama hanging from a rope" outside his house.


Yep. He's one of THOSE people.

From the story:

As of Wednesday, O’Hara remains in the Bay County Jail on a $25,000 cash-surety bond. Niederer said he doesn’t want to see O’Hara imprisoned.

“Let the old fart out of jail and take away his guns,” he said.

Let's hope so.

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He's "one of those people" ? Who exercise his rights ?

Anyways, like I said last time, 2012 Malibu = No harm done