Park Rangers Arrest A Fugitive With 'Wanted' Tattooed On His Arm

If you're on the run from the law, proudly displaying the "Wanted" tattoo on your arm probably isn't the best way to avoid getting caught. Jason Pitts, 26, had just such a tattoo emblazoned on his right forearm, raising suspicion amongst park rangers out on a routine patrol.

Pitts was actually wanted for felony drug trafficking and theft, and he turned out to be his own wanted poster. Clearly, some people belong in prison.


National Park Service rangers saw Pitts and a woman sitting in a car and "acting suspiciously" while they were on a routine patrol looking for drunk drivers and perverts at Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas on July 13. Their report from that day said that Pitts was evasive, didn't want to show his ID, and appeared to be "sizing up" the rangers.

Pitts, no stranger to the penal system, is currently being held in the Garland County, Ark. jail. Now that he's been caught, perhaps Pitts will take advantage of the many talented prison tattoo artists to fix his ill-conceived tattoo.

(Hat tip to Joel!)

Photo credit: Istvan Csak/Shutterstock

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