Illustration for article titled Paris Hilton Responds To John McCains Anti-Celebrity Ad With Reasonable Energy Policy

Noted car washing and star SLR-egressing celebutard Paris Hilton aired a web video lampooning a negative campaign ad by Sen. John McCain (R-Colonel's Chicken) trying to pin Sen. Barack Obama (D-Paparazzi) as a "bigger celebrity" than Paris or Britney Spears. The tongue-in-cheek video lampoons John "old dude" McCain and Barack "hope machine" Obama through actually proposing a sensible energy policy that merges the energy policies of both campaigns that would include "limited offshore drilling with strict environmental oversight while creating tax incentives to get Detroit making hybrid and electric cars...creating new jobs." Sounds reasonable to us. Full video after the jump. And look, we even managed to not make a "that's hot" joke.


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