Panamera Predecessor: Evidence of Porsche's "Secret" 989 Found

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AutoWeek has unearthed photos of a four-door Porsche prototype of the early 1990s that may be the spiritual predecessor to the company's upcoming Panamera. The Porsche 989 one-off was a rear-engined (as opposed to the front-engined Panamera) prototype based on the 911, though with several styling and suspension improvements that would show up in later 911s. Although Porsche officials claim the company never released photos of the prototype — and said the car had been destroyed in 1991 after production plans were shelved — the 989 had already been photographed by a German magazine. Moreover, the car likely still exists in some Porsche facility, under deeper cover than an KGB agent sweeping up at Wal-Mart.

Porsche 989 lives! (scroll down) [AutoWeek]

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