Pakistan's Hilarious Official Driving Safety Guide

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This official driver's guide of the government of Pakistan's Northwest Province features tips like "Quit stepping on those breaks for NO REASON!" It's the most unintentionally hilarious driving safety guide ever.


In addition to instructions and what you'll need ("vehicle, confidence"), the short "How To" features important tips and warnings like:

Please try driving AT LEAST the speed limit. We have places to be; people to see.


Move away from drivers that are constantly stepping on their breaks. They are insecure. They cause accidents.

Given what we've seen and what we've read about what it's like to drive in Pakistan — and what we've experienced ourselves with taxi drivers in New York City — this explains so much. (Hat tip to Benjamin!)


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I think they're being unreasonably harsh on people that use their brakes a lot. Maybe it's just a Pakistani thing, but here in America we are constantly beset with situations that call for using the brakes. For example:

-The road is not completely straight or flat. Slight bends in the road or slightly off-camber turns are extremely scary at speeds greater than 40 mph. Braking is necessary because actually feeling the suspension move can cause chaos and panic.

-My exit on the highway is a mile away, I need to brake and reduce speed to 10 miles below the speed limit for that remaining mile because I might somehow miss my exit

-Oh look, there's a red light a quarter of a mile ahead, I should start braking now because there are no other possible means to slow down my car.

-Uh oh, i'm going 5 miles over the speed limit and there's a cop that's pulled someone over on the other side of this divided highway. Brake, brake, brake before he drops what he's doing, jumps his car over the guard rail and pulls me over!

-Holy shit! A drop of rain! BRAKE!!!!

I hate DC.