Paging Officers Poncharello and Baker: It's the KZ1000P!

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While supping at Maria's this evening, we noticed a couple of po-pos in the restaurant as we got up to leave. Then we noticed an LAPD KZ1000P in the parking lot. And while the classic law-enforcement bike has gone off to the big motor pool in the sky production-wise, the big lug served a long and illustrious term with many law enforcement agencies, most notably the California Highway Patro. Plus, they made the Ki-61 Hien, which is one of the cooler-looking aircraft of the Second World War and also known for ramming B-29s intentionally. At 595 pounds dry, the KZ1000P doesn't have the superior ramming potential of the fighter the Allies called "Tony," but it would make a fairly significant dent in a perp.


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A long time ago, the Las Vegas Metro Police Department decided to swap their Harleys for Kawasakis, but after a few years they'd switched back. The reason, as I'd heard it from a biker friend of mine, was that they simply didn't make enough noise and were getting into more wrecks as a result. Bullshit? Beats me, but there are those who follow the motto "loud pipes save lives".